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Pregnancy is a rite of passage, one that deserves to be honored. This sacred time comes with moments of pure joy as well as deep despair. This divine moment, right now, is your chance to step into a new chapter of you life with courage, with unconditional love and a sense of intuition.

As a birth keeper, I am fully attuned to your needs, your desires and I am committed to supporting your growth without any judgement. I am whole heartedly rooting for you, now it’s time for you to claim your power and potential. Whether your trying to conceive, pregnant, had a pregnancy loss, had an abortion or are postpartum - I am here to hold you and offer gentle guidance.


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Megan was our birth doula as well as our post-partum doula and I can't say enough positive things about my experience with her.  Not only was she incredibly supportive and present during the arduous labor process, but also an important rock for me emotionally postpartum.  After you have your baby, all of the attention shifts from you to the child, but what Megan did was make sure I was feeling heard and supported during a very emotional and important milestone in my life.  I am so grateful for her support and highly recommend her to any expecting mother.


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