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Let's walk a path together...

Maybe a doula isn't exactly what you're looking for -- sometimes, what we really need is a little bit of guidance. This is where Perinatal Coaching Sessions can become an integral part of your prenatal/postpartum experience. Preparing for the unpredictable feels a bit abstract. Often, our own fears prevent us from blossoming to our full potential. We may have an idea of what our vision is for the birth or the fourth trimester but maybe we are unsure how to get there. By working on flexibility, learning to practice acceptance, as well as learning your options in order to make informed decisions, you will feel more prepared and in control as you navigate this process.
Nobody's path is exactly the same. Because of this, each pregnant individual comes into this season of life with unique strengths and beliefs that can dictate the choices made. Sometimes, we can end up sabotaging ourselves, if we aren't able to trust our own bodies or understand our reasons for feeling the way that we do, about certain aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our emotions are often indicators of what is going on inside, what unmet needs are there and what the way through may be. These are sensitive subjects, with a myriad of views on "the best" course of action. However, with validation, support, and a bevy of good information, this can become a time where you wholly and purposefully step into your own strength. As a Perinatal Coach, I am here to help initiate this growth process.
We will build confidence and resilience together. We will engage in ongoing conversations/check-ins, we will make plans that are tangible and flexible, and we will work on becoming aware of potential emotional roadblocks. Of course, I am also here to continuously remind you of your ultimate goals or find a different path all together if that makes more sense for you. This becomes especially helpful regarding challenging or uncontrollable situations such as trauma, medical conditions, pregnancy or infant loss, pregnancy release/abortion, difficult family dynamics, mental wellness concerns and more. 

The best part is: you lead this growth process. I am here to hold space, I am here to provide unwavering support, to give gentle guidance only when needed, to help uncover and unlock your own true potential. To remind you of your 'why' - how often times it is darkest before the dawn. What is my why you may ask? Because I simply love helping people feel more present, more self aware, more able to achieve their goals and meet their own needs and find the community they deserve. I never have an exact end result in mind, because that it up to you to define, but I will be sure you are feeling aligned in the actions you are taking toward your goals and will give compassionate support and gentle redirection if the time comes of an unexpected outcome such as a medical intervention you were not expecting, challenging emotions or simply the realization that a goal wasn't well suited at this time.

Learn more below about what people often come to coaching support for and what is included...

I've also created a
 Self Love Contract that I want you to make the commitment to yourself to show up for you again with this Contract you will be able to take a few moments to think about what it means to be in relationship with yourself.

Take a moment to download to download it FREE here. 


Consultations Include:

Goal Setting

You know how intense it can feel to have all these ideas, wishes and needs floating out in the ether but each day you never quite make it happen? Or maybe you can't prioritize yourself - this is why making sure your goals align with you is so important.

Guided Meditations

Sometimes we need to tap deeper into your inner knowing, this is a shortcut, a reprieve a place where all our judgments and fears can fall away. You will be provided with a recording of your own personal guided meditation to listen to over and over again.

Accountability Check-Ins

How many times did you tell yourself you were going to adopt a new habit but didn't have the follow through? That is why we check in every week to see if we need to reevalute the goal or shift things to make it more feasible and to celebrate the wins!

Fear Release

Sometimes the most important thing we can do is to get out of our own way but fear keeps us from moving forward at times despite our best intentions. I am not saying fear doesn't serve a purpose, it does and during a session we may lean into that and then learn to take our power back little by little. 

Common Areas of Support

-Birth Plan Writing

-Establishing Healthy Routines

-Connection with Body

-Bonding with Baby

-Communicating Needs

-Birth Story Processing

-Perinatal Mood Disorders

-Infant Loss

-Menstrual Cycles


Navigating in Woods

Coaching Packages

Sowing The Seed


  • 30-Minute FREE Discovery Call to source the areas of challenge in your life

  • 45-Minute Coaching Session to dive deep into emotional blocks and utilize your strengths to overcome them

  • 1 week Post-Session Check-In Via Text/Email

1 Month Deep Root Care


  • 30-Minute FREE Discovery Call to source the areas of challenge in your life

  • Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions to dive deep into emotional blocks and utilize your strengths to overcome them

  • Weekly Check-Ins between sessions via Text/Email

3 Month Pruning
[best option for Birth Story Healing]


  • 30-Minute FREE Discovery Call to source the areas of challenge in your life

  • Twelve 1 hour Coaching Sessions to dive deep into emotional blocks and utilize your strengths to overcome them

  • 24/7 access via text/voice/email between sessions

*Packages must be used within 9 months of purchase*
Have a question? Interested but not sure how it works?
Connect with us and we will get back to you shortly 
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