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Pregnancy Termination

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Every path you embark on is determined by you, the same goes for whether or not you remain pregnant. To choose pregnancy release is an act of bravery, strength and autonomy and one that deserves a supportive and understanding presence of an Abortion Doula to help guide you through.


Know that this experience is not meant to be a lonely one, there are many others that have chosen to terminate their pregnancies that have come before you. There are resources available to help you find the best choices available for you. In fact choosing an abortion can actually be an empowering experience. 

Pre-Abortion Care

There has been a lot of shame, stigma and restrictions put on the decision to end a pregnancy and we will have the opportunity prior to the actual release to start to unpack and undo any weight that may be limiting your own personal beliefs and decisions. We will explore your options together so you are able to decide what makes the most sense for you. We will begin to envision together what a powerful experience this can be. Starting to gather comfort supplies and coping skills alike we will set your release intentions in a meaningful and supportive light.

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Post-Abortion Care

After your pregnancy termination, you may be concerned how quickly you can go back to your everyday life but I am here to help you hold a little space for yourself with check-in's where we start to find some closure to your experience through ceremony, ritual and talking through your experience. 

It is important to honor this time with the utmost self-respect because it is a transformative and powerful time to navigate through. We will be sure to tend to your body mind and spirit with nourishing foods, kind words and some tender care that will allow you the time and space to heal and step into whatever the next chapter is.

Abortion Accomponiment

You may feel sure about your decision but still unsure about what the experience itself will look like, that is why having an Abortion Doula can be so important. Having the wisdom and guidance of someone who has been through the experience before, who can hold your hand and make sure you are not alone as you go through whichever form of release works best for you, whether at home or in a clinic. Having an Abortion Doula means you have someone to offer helpful and relaxing suggestions so you can be as comfortable as possible, compassionate and unbiased emotional support and someone to help see you through the entire experience from start to finish.


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