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Postpartum Daytime Care

Becoming a parent is possibly the most contradictory experience that you may have. You can be so filled with love for your child and also feel entirely depleted, nervous and alone. Or maybe this isn't exactly the postpartum experience you had in mind. Even if you are blessed enough to feel pretty settled there is no doubt it takes almost an impossible amount of effort to get all the things done. The reality is, we were never meant to do this alone and some tasks need to be put aside. While each individuals's journey into parenthood looks different, there are a few things that stay the same across the board. Every individual that has gone through the transition from pregnant to postpartum is entitled to some basic needs and when these are met with care and consideration the possibility for blossoming into parenthood with confidence and resilience greatly increases. Some of these needs include:

  • Nourishment

  • Rest

  • Movement

  • Rituals

  • Autonomy

  • Emotional Support

  • Infant Care

  • Resources

The sad truth is, in our society and age - these things are often pushed aside to make room for house chores, baby care & a 'regular' routine that includes a quick return to work. This is where the need for a Postpartum Doula becomes so apparent. Our time spent together may look different day to day, it may include anything from meal prep to dishes to infant feeding support, to allowing you to take a nap or find space for some much needed time to yourself. Whatever it may look like is less important than the feeling that is shared between myself and the families I support when all these needs are met and a more comfortable home rhythm is found. As a Perinatal Coach, I often include coaching sessions into our time together if any specific challenges may arise during this time that we need to work through such as fostering acceptance, learning new skills & trusting in the intuition that is given to all parents.


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