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Lactation Support

Nobody can anticipate what breastfeeding will look like until you get there. The delicate dance between babe and breast; the positioning, the latch, the timing. It is a lot for a weary parent to take on. When challenges arise, many breastfeeding parents will blame themselves, feel discouraged or want to give up all together. It is not my goal to push any agenda on you instead I will support you while you start to define goals for yourself, baby steps along the way.

Whether you decide to pump and bottle feed full time, utilize formula to supplement, or fully breastfeed every feeding day and night for the next three years - I am here to support these goals and help you stay accountable to them. My support looks like 1-1.5 hours in your home, checking in on latch, discussing schedules and determining possible challenges and ways through them. After this home visit you will receive continuous weekly check-ins to be sure you are feeling confident as you begin to connect and nurture your baby with my ease and comfort.

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