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Becoming a Birthkeeper

To say my transition into motherhood was challenging is an understatement. I had to uproot everything I knew and try to completely shift every aspect of my life, which included becoming a single mother. I began to step up to each new challenge life gave me during pregnancy with an open mind and a new perspective of life altogether. This swirling energy within me gave me a whole new reason to strive to become my best self - and this has continued to be true seven years later.

I quickly began to take in every bit of info I could about my choices; from birth location to relaxation tools to newborn vaccinations. I was overwhelmed but also entirely entranced in this new reality. Looking back I would say finding a provider I could connect with was the key to both of my healthy and positive birth experiences. Much of my postpartum experience is a blur. I had some support from my own mother and grandmother but I realized that there was some wisdom that I desperately was searching for that was lost throughout the generations. It wasn't their fault but the result of cultural practices. I learned as I went along. From breastfeeding a premature baby to navigating how to return to work on top of how to maintain my own nutritional needs, I felt a disconnect from my own identity.

I wish I could say there was a quick resolution to all of this but it has been an ongoing process in my life. This experience was what made me decide I needed to support others as they navigated this unexplored territory of their life. After undergoing extensive trainings and having years of experience in the realm of birth and postpartum support I have a firm belief that how a family is held and cared for during pregnancy, birth and postpartum has a direct and lasting effect on the parents they become and the ease that is felt during this beautiful, raw and powerful time.

When I am not supporting families, I enjoy hiking and primitive camping with my own family. I play guitar and sing as well as enjoy an extensive variety of genres including classic rock, blues and bluegrass. I photograph a lot including my garden and my hens. I appreciate making medicine from herbs mostly in tea form and trying my hand at cooking anything from scratch, though I am a better baker. Parenting my two children has been the single most rewarding and challenging experience I have gone through and I am so grateful for each new lesson I receive from being their mama.


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