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This is the course every parent along the spectrum of postpartum time deserves.  


The one that allows you the space to do the things you know you NEED but never seem to find the time.


This 12 week course allows you to really settle into the postpartum experience and align your identity as an individual and your identity as a parent into a more cohesive being. We do this deep work in community with other parents/mothers along the same journey so that we can normalize the many feelings that come with processing the birth experience, tending to our own emotional needs and raising a family with intention. 


In Parent Soul Medicine we will: 

  • meet virtually once a week at a convenient time TBD by the group 

  • Have assignments and content given related to the module and topic we are on for the week 

  • Join in community with other parents on the same soul journey on our very own app! 

  • Participate in the moon cycles through three months to help align our intentions and our own body cycles 

  • Use art, poetry, music, movement and plant medicine to tap into our own inner knowing 

  • Learn new coping skills and tools such as EFT tapping, journaling, guided meditation, breathwork and other supportive resources 

  • Commit to our own individual goals and take steps towards those goals 

Parent Soul Medicine

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