Parent Soul Medicine

A 3 Month Journey Within to Cultivate Wellness

Cup of Tea

Is your cup full?

Is it long over due for you to get your own needs met, for you to reconnect with yourself & to start to feel like the mother you have always wanted MINUS the judgement and shame that just drags you down further? 

You and so many other parents feel it. You aren't alone in this but it can FEEL like we are alone (this last year can ALSO add to the isolation factor).

It's hard because you read all the books, you watched all the movies, you prepared so much for birth and babe but what nobody prepares you for HOW to be a parent.

Not the baby care basics, I mean how to be with yourself and your new mom body, how to FEEL like a parent, how to HEAL from your birth, how to recover from depletion and exhaustion and how to be true to yourself while balancing parent life.

This course is for you if you...

  • Feel like you are falling apart on the inside but somehow seem to keep it together

  • Want to heal from the effects of birth trauma, postpartum depletion or postpartum mood disorders

  • Want to bond with your baby/children on a soul level

  • Desire a deeply intimate relationship with yourself

  • Shed your parent guilt/shame

  • Break toxic and harmful generational patterns

This course is NOT for you if you...

  • Prefer to stay in your comfort zone

  • Aren't willing to listen and hold space for other parents' diverse experience

  • Are not ready to view your challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Don't believe that committing to show up for yourself and dedicate time to your growth sounds worth your effort

What is waiting for you inside?

 You will sit in circle with other parents for three months with loving guidance from Postpartum Coach & Parent Soul Creatrix Meg Sweetman. Through weekly group calls, journal prompts, guided meditations & many other useful healing modalities - you will begin to break free from the self-defeating habits, to reclaim your story and begin to integrate the mother identity with your own - so you can feel whole, strong and resilient. Through doing the work and making this time for yourself -you will gain insight about yourself that will carry you through life in a confident and authentic manner. You will come out of this course with the tools you need to lead the life YOU want as a parent and as a sovereign and strong being.


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